A Black Mood on Black Friday

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had enough money to even think about Christmas presents without the crushing anxiety of potential bankruptcy. In the past, I could set a low price and then find the most interesting thing at or under that price. And if the person didn’t like their gift, they could at least console themselves with the knowledge that I had to miss a few meals to pay for it. Now that I have money, I find myself facing a new set of problems: pointedly, I don’t even know how to do this kind of thing. I don’t have a reason to limit my price rage too narrowly, which means I have a whole sea of options open. What does one do when they’re faced with an abundance of choice and limited restrictions?

Generally, the idea is to act like Sherlock Holmes and eliminate all bad ideas until, logically, the one that remains is the best. I could go through a list of possibilities and check off items, narrowing down choices, but this is the Internet, and the Internet has ears.

It also has nightmarish gif images.

It also has nightmarish gif images.

I honestly don’t know if there was a point to this post other than to make deadline on the 30-day challenge. I suppose I wanted to gripe in some small way about the materialism of the holidays, too, and do the whole mo-money-mo-problems bull, but our fancy apartment complex is situated next to a shanty town. I’m pretty sure we don’t have that many problems.


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