30 Days of Blogging: Day 10

Ten days. Ten days of hits and misses–inspired creativity and dreadful slogging–pride and shame.



The following is a list of the stats for the past week, which may not be wholly representative of anything, which is why it’s a list and not analysis:

Those pages, of course, are listed as direct links, meaning that those stats relate directly to RSS/email/subscription and Facebook clicks. (I don’t have Twitter yet, and am thinking of getting it, but honestly am afraid to because I am seriously worried that you all would have to tweet me @Blood_Sharts, and that might be too much to ask. I could of course try @High_Definition_Fantasy, but Blood_Sharts….) Anyway, my main page had eleven views, which means that after rounding up I can probably add 1 view to each of those list items. It seems like a super small number mostly because it is, but then isn’t when we consider that I’ve treated this mainly as an extended bit of Facebook and that I know nothing about building an audience. Thank you, though, to the people who have come across me randomly. Ten years ago, I’d have had to go out onto the street and start yelling to get eleven people to listen. And I think I may just have done that. I was in college, invincible, and had no shame piled up yet. Still, my page views went up 112% the week I started doing this. Getting hits isn’t the end goal, of course, but if I do have one of those moments of inspired creativity we all aspire to, it’s nice to know that someone somewhere might bear witness to it.

I’m happy to see that my “Science Fiction and the Soul” post ranked so highly. It’s not the best work I’ve ever done, and there are some things I wish I’d included, but I had something to say and I said it fairly coherently. Yay me. I do wonder if my post on Black Friday got as many views as it did simply because I tagged it with “black friday.” I feel like “Sci-Fi Primer II” was a better and more coherent post than the first installment, but neither of them ranked particularly highly, possibly because I was still a bit unsteady about this whole 30-day commitment.

So what have I learned? Primarily, shouldn’t have stopped writing everyday. It’s hard to get that motor turning over like it used to when it’s cold. But I can do it. It’s not going to be perfect, and in fact, it’ll probably be pretty sloppy for a while. Also, apparently, I have a ton to say about science fiction and fantasy. Who knew? Lastly, I haven’t done that much in the way of travel or culture since I’ve moved to Malaysia. I could site a bunch of reasons, but I won’t. I probably should (do stuff–not list reasons), and I hope to, but it’s often hard to find the time. I said the same about writing every day, though, so maybe things will change.


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