30 Days of Blogging: Day 20

Two-thirds done with these thirty days. Fatigue is staring to set in, but along with it has come a sense of normalcy. I’m finding it harder and harder to talk about something in a way I consider to be complete and thoughtful. Of course, most days, I’m working this around a day job, so I don’t always have the time and energy to render every topic in full high-definition.


While I was actually glad that my post on guilty pleasures prompted a little bit of follow-up, it bugged me that I wasn’t able to be as exact or touch on as many relevant issues as I’d have liked to. Overall, I think it went over pretty well.

My post on sex was fun to write, but I think I ended up being a bit too subtle, and I know I self-censored a lot. It could have been a great post, I think, but it’s hard to write honestly about sex. It occurs to me that to “know thyself” is a pretty easy thing, but much harder “to thine own self be true.” Actually, that’s a horrible cop-out because those two things are exactly the same. Turns out, I just didn’t do my due diligence and the quality suffered.

My time capsule post got a whole bunch of views, but I really think I could have spent more time on each item. I didn’t want to take another cheat day, though. I thought I’d be happier with it, since it was such a time-consuming behemoth of a task, but at the end I felt like it wasn’t nearly as interesting as I’d hoped it’d be.

As a whole, I think the Challenge is going well. I have ten more days, but when they’ve passed I think the momentum may continue. I may not post every day, though. Even professional writers get days off.

We’ll see.

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