60 Days of Blogging: Day 1, Writer’s Jail

I am the worst writer.

Words and structure are easy, and generally I’m better at it when I don’t try so hard. Apparently, though, I have to try a little bit harder than I have, or else nothing gets done. So now I’m in writer’s jail: 60 days of blogging about anything and, eventually, everything until something resembling a daily routine falls into place.

They say you’re not really a stand-up comedian unless you stand up and comede for a living, and so that principle probably applies to writing, as well. We’re obviously a long way off from that, but I’m looking to fulfill a dream, so maybe it’ll happen. Or maybe it won’t, and I’ll just drink my way to an early grave. We’ll see.



So, coming up in the next couple months you’ll see the following and probably more.

  • An as-of-yet untitled segment–probably about once or twice a week–about working as a customer service phone monkey.
  • Sketches, doodles, and whatnot. I got an iPad recently, and I have some interesting art software, with which I am going to try and improve my drawing skills–something else I’ve let atrophy.
  • Updates on my imminent marriage, the process of which is made somewhat complicated by my being in a foreign country.
  • A retrospective on my recent visit to Taipei, and a day-of entry on my upcoming trip back.
  • More cultural ramblings. I think I’ve learned some good lessons from the gargantuan Nerd post earlier this year, so look forward to spine-tingling conciseness.
  • And probably more of the usual, from when there was a usual.

I’m also getting serious about the theme and layout, so that may change, if I can find anything that’ll work.


One comment

  1. I’ve always thought the homonymity of “cell,” “cell,” and “cell” was appropriate– so, thus, may your Writer’s Jail become, as it progresses, less a place of captivity and more a monk’s meditation chamber until, eventually, it evolves into an entire sustainable organism in and of itself.

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