Thin Stack

For the longest time, I actively resisted getting an iPad or any similar tablet. Why would I want one? I’m a very tactile kind of guy, so typing on a virtual keyboard has always been a giant pain. And taking photos with them is weird and awkward. So, what would I ever do with one?

The answer, it turns out, is read. A lot. And screw around. But mostly read.

What am I reading?



And it’s not just on the Kindle app, either. For the comic-book crowd, this thing can be a lifeline to your culture when you’re in a place that has no comic book shops, or because selection is limited because of cultural/legal restrictions on content. Granted, there’s really no substitute for going to the shop and shooting the breeze with the geeks, but if you’ve ever needed to move boxes full of comic books halfway around the world, you can probably see the benefit of cramming a cubic meter of content into a portable glass-and-plastic vessel. My comic reader of choice is Comic Zeal, which can read pretty much any format out there (including PDFs–great for technical manuals and some indy comics) and makes it easy to sort your collection.

When I go back to Taiwan in a month, I’m leaving my laptop behind, so I’ll get to find out how frustrating typing a few posts on the virtual keyboard will be. My guess is that they’ll be on the short side.


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