The Pitfalls of Bunking with a Dog

Ever since we moved to Malaysia and brought our mini schnauzer Russet with us, the little guy has been a little off. It’s not to say that he’s broken. He’s just learned that life away from us (or his boarder, when we leave the country occasionally) can be pretty rough.

_MG_2610He spent his week in quarantine away from us, in the company of strange dogs and strange people, and in a kind of heat for which he was woefully unprepared. Obviously, he’s fine now, almost a year later, but has definitely become much more attached to us, and is always hyper-aware of our comings and goings. It strikes me that it’d be similar to us traveling abroad, but having to spend a week in jail upon arrival before being allowed to move around the country. Depending on your destination, you might come out of that week just fine. Or you could come out a little screwed up. I think Russet’s somewhere in between, which for a dog, is hardly noticeable.

After or first trip away, to Singapore, he developed the habit of sleeping on the bed between us instead of in his crate or on his own bed on the floor. Honestly, we didn’t do much to discourage him, and now we practically can’t sleep unless he’s with us.

That’s not to say that we can, though.

Some nights, he’s like this


but many nights, he’s like this


or will, at some wee hour in the morning, sit or stand on the pillow next to my head and stare lasers at me until I wake up and acknowledge his presence. Then, once I’m awake, he’ll curl up at the foot of the bed and go back to sleep.

So, for the record, the drawback of bunking with a dog is bunking with a dog.



One comment

  1. Every night, Russet whispers in your ears about how much you’d rather stay home with him than explore the world. You may not appreciate this, but it’s always best to let sleeping dogs lie.

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