Site Change and Basic Slacking Off

I spent a lot of time after I posted yesterday fiddling around with the style and layout of the blog. I’m still not ready to pay for a theme or go the full-customization route, but I found one that looks and handles better than the last one I had, at least for what I’ve been posting.

The last theme seemed too cartoony–the font was a bit on the large side, so there was a lot of scrolling, even for a small post–and there was no real good place to put a sidebar with archives and whatnot. I’d originally been opposed to this theme because the standard font doesn’t handle the em dash well, which is still super bothersome to me, but maybe I’ll change that further on down the road. I think the more intuitive left-to-right style makes up for that irritation, though.

I’m always open to suggestions.

So that’s it for now. Blog-bligation fulfilled. Tonight, I’m going to see the new X-Men movie in one of those famous movie theaters with the pillows and blankets and stuff. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a movie review, or maybe I’ll just talk about the comfy seats.

Anything’s possible.


One comment

  1. The new look/layout is working for me, thus far. It’s essentially a “clean and basic” feel that’s easy to read/navigate, no futz, no shmutz. The “twat” may be a little strong if this blog explodes into international significance someday, but you can modify accordingly at the time if desired. Otherwise, I’m down with the new mojo. As one buzzard said to the other, “Carry-on!”

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