Sketch Day


Today’s blog is a terrible sketch of my fiancee that I did in about an hour. I don’t draw human forms a lot, obviously. Also I’ve been having trouble with the stylus I got for the iPad. Most of the times I touch it to the screen, it doesn’t register, so I get weird half lines or dots and have to start the motion over again. It’s hard to get used to the touch screen version of drawing, where the pen/brush is either on or off. To get soft lines, I have to lighten the color or take the opacity down. Making a stroke that goes from hard to soft either needs to be programmed into a custom brush, or I need to go back after the stroke and take an eraser with very little opacity and scrub the hell out of the line until I get the desired result. Thus a drawing as simple as this takes an hour to do. I suppose an actual tablet for an actual computer would serve better.

Of course, that’s not an excuse for the horrendous quality. I’m just terrible with faces. If hers were an abstract concept, I totally would have knocked this drawing out of the park.


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