At the Dinner Table of Black and White

Day Seven

Why do you always have to be so negative?

What do you mean “negative”? Just because I’m full of opinions?

Negative opinions. Can’t you be happy for once?

Who says I’m not happy? Certainly not me.

But you complain all the time!

What, and you’re not complaining right this very moment?

Look, I just feel like there’s an absence lightness to anything you say. It’s depressing.

I am very colorful, thank you very much! And anyway, what’s your excuse?

Excuse me?

It’s like you don’t have an opinion on anything.

I’m beginning to have an opinion on our relationship, but I still love you.

Or if you do have one, you just whitewash it.

Why shouldn’t I? Positive mind, positive body.

But you don’t actually take anything in. Anything different, you just deflect.

Well, maybe you absorb too much. You ever wonder why you’re so screwed up inside?

Maybe I have to take it all in. There’s so much out there, why deny myself?

Even the pain?

Especially the pain.

But that just makes you all twisted up inside. Evil.

Yeah. Leave it to the stagnant, complacent one to call me evil. I’ve seen evil. I can show you evil.

You stay the hell away from me!

Mom! Dad! Stop fighting! Why do you always have to fight?!


One comment

  1. The conceit of this exchange is so immediately obvious (except for the ultimate punchline), so “Hills like White Elephants” but it works perfectly to capture the essence of what could be a very real conversation. Without the title and color bars, would it be so clear? Well done!

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