A Diamond and a Nerd Cocktail

Today, I present a contrast of my own making.

The first half is the engagement ring, which I finally brought back from Taipei. It has been generally well received.


As diamonds tend to be, unless they are sat upon.

Like both the giver and wearer, it is fairly simple, but a little twisted. The giver is actually very twisted, but the wearer doesn’t know the half of it. He is multifaceted.

The other thing is the creation and official documentation of the Fat Jedi (Green). I’ve changed its name to The Hamill, because it sounds like a dangerous trick in an extreme sport, which isn’t far off the Mark. (Dear god…)

Fat Jedi (Green): The Hamill

Nerd cocktails are the fucking worst.

There’s a bit of history regarding this cocktail, and recipes for the blue and red varieties in a previous post. In short, a long time ago, a couple friends and I went out for drinks, started talking Star Wars with the bartender–like you do–and after a bout of storytelling involving a fat man, a comic book store, and Jedi robes, the bartender helped us concoct a series of Fat Jedi cocktails. This is the first. I don’t have gin in the cabinet yet, so the Fat Jedi (Blue): The Sir Alec will have to wait until next time I decide to do something I regret.

Yes. That’s Cheeto dust on the rim. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

[Note: I do not condone or recommend the putting of Cheeto detritus into any form of smoking apparatus (pipe, bong, hookah, vaporizer, etc), nor do I condone or recommend the inhaling of the combusted byproducts of said Cheeto detritus. Do not smoke Cheetos.]


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